How to Refer to Crime Lab Employees in Your Crime Fiction Novel crime lab

You've done some research and you're not quite sure what to call crime lab employees in your book. This is no surprise, as there are many different job titles for people who work in a crime lab....

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How Working in a Crime Lab Changed Me crime lab

Do you need to create some internal conflict or a backstory for the forensic scientist character in your crime fiction book? This post describes the many ways that working in a crime lab changed me...

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What Are the Job Duties of a Forensic Scientist in the Crime Lab? crime lab forensic scientist

Do you have a forensic scientist character in your crime fiction book? They do more than just examine forensic evidence from crime scenes. Read this post to find out all the job...

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Where Does Forensic Evidence at a Crime Scene Get Sent for Testing? crime lab

Are you sending crime scene evidence to a crime lab in your fiction book? This post tells you about the different types of crime labs and how they work.

You've written the crime scene portion of...

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